Just Nan counted thread and cross stitch designs



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 A Time of Seasonal Elegance


 JN004 A Breath of Spring • ©1992, Nan Caldera
JN004 • A Breath of Spring

 JN005 A Summer's Day • ©1992, Nan Caldera
JN005 • A Summer's Day

JN008 Just Nan Winter Romance • ©1992, Nan Caldera
JN008 • Winter Romance 


The Autumn Sampler in 
this series sold out
many years ago.

We have been unable to
reproduce the design due
to software problems. 






Turn of the Century Seasonal Samplers  


 JN083 Just Nan Winter Blues • ©2001, Just Nan, Inc., by Nan Caldera
JN083 • Winter Blues

 JN086 Just Nan Strawberry Summer • ©2001, Just Nan, Inc., by Nan Caldera
JN086 • Strawberry Summer

JN091 Just Nan September Song • ©2001, 1
JN091 • September Song 

 JN104 Just Nan Spring In The Air • ©2002, Just Nan, Inc., by Nan Caldera
JN104 • Spring In The Air