Just Nan counted thread and cross stitch designs



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 JN033 Just Nan Roses for St. Nicholas Stocking • ©1995, Nan Caldera
JN033 • Roses for St. Nicholas

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JN037 • Yuletide Ivy 

 JN044 Just Nan Sugarplum Violets Stocking • ©1997, Nan Caldera
JN044 • Sugarplum Violets




 JN051 Just Nan Burgundy Bouquet Stocking • ©1998, Nan Caldera
JN051 • Burgundy Bouquet

JN063 Just Nan Cranberry Plaid Stocking • ©1999, Nan Caldera
JN063 • Cranberry Plaid 

JN108 Just Nan Angel Stocking • ©2002, Nan Caldera
 JN108 • Angel Stocking





 JN149 Victor's Stocking • ©2005, Just Nan, Inc.
JN149 • Victor's Stocking