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Last Call
July - September 2017 - 3rd Quarter

During 2017 Just Nan will discontinue several designs and products due to limited availablity of both leaflets and embellishments.  Over the course of this year, there will be four LAST CALL events for shops to purchase what we have remaining of these designs.  Designs will be available until they either sell our or the end of the quarter, whichever comes first.

Below are the Last Call designs for the third quarter.  Shops can order via email, phone or web order form via the Wholesale Button on our home page.

Last Call Web Order Form - 2Q 2017

 JN041 Angel Tapestry
JN041 • Angel Tapestry

JN086 Strawberry Summer
JN086 •  Strawberry Summer


Snowflake Santa

Sold Out




JN119 Freedom Flowers
JN119 • Freedom Flowers

 JN123 Peddler Santa
JN123 • Peddler Santa
Only 4 Copies Available

JN154 Winter in the Square 
JN154 •  Winter in the Square




 JN158 Spring in the Square
JN158 •  Spring in the Square

 JN162 Summer in the Square
JN162 • Summer in the Square

 JN168 Autumn in the Square
JN168 •  Autumn in the Square




JN179 Scream Girls - Whimzi Frames no longer available
JN179 •  Scream Girls

 JN191 Lady Bug Santa - Whimzi Frames no longer available
JN191 • Ladybug Santa

JN235 Wee Pumpkin Pockets
JN235 • Wee Pumpkin Pockets




 JN275 October Eves
JN275 • October Eves

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