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 Limited Edition Design - Gingerbread Mouse
Just Nan Designs are single use kits. Refills not available.


JNLELH Little Hedgie Limited Edition Ornament
© 2016, Just Nan, Inc., by Nan Caldera • All Rights Reserved

Little Hedgie

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Kit Contents:
Color Cover
Graph & Instructions
Finishing Instructions
Just Nan Ant. Brass Button
Black Beads
White Tipped Applique Pins
Grean Leaf

32 Ct Zweigart Raw Belfast Linen


Design Area:
29 X 57W
2" X 3½" • 12.1cm X 5.1cm on 32 Count

Materials Needed:
Polyfill or cotton balls to stuff the hedgehog
Straight Pins

Little Hedgie is a Limited Edition.
Extra materials - beads, button, felt, or banner  are not available