Just Nan counted thread and cross stitch designs



Just Nan Cubes & Shapes

CUBES & SHAPES • We've got little birds and darling hats, as well as pincushion cubes and a very special puzzle ball.  No telling what is next!  Clever cross stitch designs formed into charming shapes or cubes you can display with pride.  They are little works of art!  Each Just Nan constructed design comes with complete stitching and finishing instructions.  All projects are hand sewn, no machines required!




 JN301LE Cloverly's Bunny Bungalow
 JN301LE  •  Cloverly's Bunny Bungalow Limited Edition

 JN215 Spooky Spirits of Tombstone Hill • ©2010, Just Nan, Inc. by Nan Caldera
JN215 • Spooky Spirits

 JN217 Tricky Tweets • ©2010, Just Nan, Inc., by Nan Caldera
JN217 • Tricky Tweets





JN234 Cute Hoots • ©2011, Just Nan, Inc., by Nan Caldera 
JN234 • Cute Hoots

 JN245 Hoppington Hill • ©2012 Just Nan, Inc., by Nan Caldera
JN245 • Hoppington Hill







 JN266 Ghoultown Gala • ©2013 Just Nan, Inc., by Nan Caldera
JN266 • Ghoultown Gala

 Gingerbread Garden Cube
 JN277 • Gingerbread Garden Cube

JN278 • Pink Ice Cube ©2015 & 2017 
JN278 • Pink Ice Cube

 JN279 • Spring in the Meadow - may be framed or finished as a needle case
JN279 • Spring in the Meadow

 JN282 •  Summer in the Meadow  -  May be framed or finished as needle case
JN282 • Summer in the Meadow 

 JN293 Winter in the Meadow - Needlebook Version - can also be framed
JN293 • Winter in the Meadow
   In the Meadow Series • May be framed or finished as a needle case • Click images for details
 JN283 Witchy Pumpkin Cottage
JN283 • Witchy Pumpkin Cottage

 JN285 Pansy Ice Cube
JN285 • Pansy Ice Cube

 8 Tiny Reindeer Cube
8 Tiny Reindeer Cube

 JN303 Witching Hour Cube show with Hazel FunWitch Mouse
JN303 • Witching Hour Cube
 JN307 Frosty Snow Cube
JN307 • Frosty Snow Cube
   JN311 • Bumble & Hoot Needle Book • Click for all details and images
JN311 • Bumble & Hoot
   JN310 2 Sides Queen of the Needle    2 Sides Still Queen of the Needle
 ◄----------  JN310 Still Queen of the Needle ----------►
Click for Heather's Hedgehog House Details

Click for Heather's Hedgehog House 

 Click for Heather's Hedgehog House
   ◄----------  JN315LE • Heather's Hedgehog House  ----------►
 Owls of October
Owls of October
JN322 Pansy Rose Cube
JN322 • Pansy Rose Cube